SINTEF – Norway


About us

SINTEF ( is one of the largest independent, multidisciplinary, project-based, research organizations in Europe, creating value through knowledge generation, research, innovation, and development of technological solutions. SINTEF participates in NanoMECommons via its group Material Physics-Oslo. The group belongs to the Department of Sustainable Energy Technology (Sustainable Energy-SINTEF) which is part of SINTEFs largest Institute, SINTEF Industry. The group operates state-of-the-art, characterization facilities (see examples in figure 1) and has access to testing, processing and manufacturing laboratories. It is also a key partner in the national infrastructures, the Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy-NORTEM ( and the National Surface and Interface Characterisation Laboratory-NICE (

The group’s vision is creation of material and process innovation via world-class understanding of processes and materials properties, from the atomic to the macro scale, using electron microscopy, spectroscopy, surface analysis, atomic scale modelling, data processing, and solid-state physics competence within SINTEF’s prioritised socio-economic markets.
Our strategy is based on developing and combining various experimental and modelling methods to understand fundamental physical material properties which are necessary to solve problems associated with current industrial applications and address future materials challenges. We work with a wide range of materials including metals, ceramics, composite, hybrid materials and electronic components in bulk, particulate or thin film form.