Advanced microstructural characterization in high-strength steels via machine learning-enhanced high-speed nanoindentation and EBSD mapping

A novel machine learning method to exploit EBSD and nanoindentation for TRIP steels microstructures analysis

Hierarchical Representation of Measurement Data, Metrological Uncertainty and Metadata for Calibrated Battery Tests

A Comparative Investigation of Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels Processed through Laser Powder Bed Fusions

Novel Powder Feedstock towards Microstructure Engineering in Laser Powder Bed Fusion: A Case Study on Duplex/Super Duplex and Austenitic Stainless-Steel Alloys

Correlation between structure and mechanical properties in α-quartz single crystal by nanoindentation, AFM and confocal Raman microscopy

Materials characterisation and software tools as key enablers in Industry 5.0 and wider acceptance of new methods and products

Metadata stewardship in nanosafety research: learning from the past, preparing for an “on-the-fly” FAIR future

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Effect of annealing on mechanical properties and thermal stability of ZrCu/O nanocomposite amorphous films synthetized by pulsed laser deposition

CHAMEO: an Ontology for the Harmonisation of Materials Characterisation Methodologies

MODA and CHADA; challenges and opportunities for integration and exploitation to industrial stakeholders beyond EU projects.

International Network Initiative on Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnologies (INISS-nano)

INISS-Nano: revised concept and action plan (International Network Initiative on Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnologies)

Digital Innovation Enabled Nanomaterial Manufacturing, Machine Learning Strategies and Green Perspectives