Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions – IRES

Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions - IRES

Products & Services

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) jointly with Life Cycle Analysis (LCC) for innovative materials in order to improve both environmental and financial profile
  • In depth analysis of the environmental benefits of innovative circular business models and closed loop recycling applied to the retail sector
  • LCI data development regarding NMs
  • Effective improvement of the total strategy regarding the manufacturing of the as-received products and/or business based on sustainability and circular economy
  • Data Management (DM) process in order to ensure that project’s data are accurate, timely and trustworthy and that the decision making is as safe as possible
  • Data driven solutions for process optimization
  • Customized real-time defect detection on production line with Artificial Intelligence
  • Application of portable airborne nano(particle) concentration measurement instruments in specially designed exposure assessment experiments, based on OECD-developed
  • methodology. Screening measurements for process VOC emissions. Detailed analysis of data generated, and consultation on potential safety issues
  • Nanosafety consulting, based on ISO 12885:2018
  • Based on process applicability, use of established H&S methodologies, including HAZID processes, Decision Trees, Control Banding risk categorization, Bow-Tie analysis, safety walkthroughs and questionnaire surveys.